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AI, People
& Society


For AI to benefit society, it must be shaped by society. The AI, People & Society initiative is an open, community driven platform that will bring together diverse thinkers and experts from across humanities, design, social sciences, technology, and beyond to help shape a vision of the future that benefits all.


To help guide the conversations, we are grateful for the leadership of Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell - a Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta. Dr. Rockwell has published on the ethics of computing, videogames, textual visualization and analysis, and computing in the humanities, including a book from the MIT Press, Hermeneutica: Computer-Assisted Interpretation in the Humanities. He is currently the Director of The Kule Institute of Advanced Studies.

Joining Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell as co-chair, is Jennifer Ishiguro - Managing Director of Customer Experience at ATB. Jennifer has spent her career furthering the practice of user experience design across multiple industry sectors, creating intentional shifts in the way organizations design for, and meet, the needs of the people they serve. Her work with notable brands like WestJet, Shaw, TELUS and ATB has aligned her focus and passion on deepening efforts around diversity and inclusivity as an imperative to human-centered design for the people and communities they serve. Currently Jennifer's work with ATB is focused on diversity in equity markets and ensuring that ATB is being intentional about listening and meeting the needs of all Albertans, especially those who may underserved or underheard.


Areas of focus:

Safety, privacy and transparency of AI.

Fairness, inclusivity & accountability.

Ethically Aligned Design.

Here are the members moving AI, People & Society


Dr. Geoffrey Rockwell

Professor of Philosophy and Humanities Computing, University of Alberta | Director, Kule Institute for Advanced Study | AI, People & Society Co-Chair

Jennifer Ishiguro

Managing Director of Customer Experience, ATB | AI, People & Society Co-Chair

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