In partnership with the University of Alberta

to "Real"


We will push the boundaries of research by connecting diverse communities and skill sets across science, mathematics, and engineering to apply theoretical work to real-time data sets with practical applications.


The partnership will focus on the application of AI and machine learning to redefine what it means to deliver exceptional financial services and create intuitive customer experience solutions. We’re developing new ways to meet the needs of ATB customers and supporting ATB team members to develop richer relationships with Albertans.

Working to analyze robust data sets in real-time, the team will collaborate to rapidly move from hypothesis to discovery and deployment. Our work together will lead to real benefits for ATB customers, like frictionless opti-channel experiences, more robust opportunities for financial confidence & well-being, and real-time fraud prevention.



It’s time to be more than a bank. With deep explorations into AI and machine learning, we’ll understand where and how ATB can deliver value to Albertans; fundamentally disrupting the future of banking, wealth happiness, and everything in between.


We’re using AI to enable our team members to have a deeper understanding of customers. That means better, more personalized service, with the human touch that ATB is known for.


Focusing on the underlying systems, mathematical models, and algorithms of AI, we’re automating redundant tasks that take our team members away from fostering customer relationships.

Meet the multidisciplinary team reinventing how we experience the world through innovations in AI:


Dr. Christoph Frei

Associate Professor of Mathematical Finance, University of Alberta | Mathematics, Quantitative Finance and Risk Management

Dr. Omid Ardakanian

Assistant Professor of Computing Science, University of Alberta | Big Data, Systems and Networking

Dr. Hamzeh Khazaei

Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Alberta | Software Engineering & Intelligent Systems

Dustin Morrill

PhD Student of Computing Science, University of Alberta | Safe Artificial Intelligence and Algorithmic Game Theory

Joshua Mitra

Graduate Student of Mathematical Finance, University of Alberta

Bohdan Horak

Graduate Student of Mathematical Finance, University of Alberta

Dmitriy Volinskiy

ATB Director of Data Science | Solution Integration & System Architecture

Gunjan Kaur

ATB Data Scientist | Optimization, Machine Learning & Cloud Environment

Mark Sebestyen

ATB Data Scientist | Machine Learning & Reinforcement Learning

Rhys Chouinard

ATB Data Scientist | Machine Learning and Rapid Prototyping

Blessing Okeke

ATB Data Scientist | Computational & Applied Mathematics

Tyler Dauphinee

ATB Data Scientist | Computer Vision & Deep Learning

Ian Hargraeaves

ATB Data Scientist | Director - Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Nathan Bryans

ATB AI Developer | Neural Network Applications and Architecture